In some parts of the country, cooler temperatures also mean that the housing market also goes in to hybernation until the spring thaw. Luckily in Florida, Autumn means more comfortable temperatures and since our Florida housing market is a year round market, Autumn can be a great time to buy a house. Here are a few reasons why.

Summer inventory may have leftovers, which may result in deals

Many homeowners put their homes on the market in the summer and list too high in the beginning. When their homes don’t sell, they begin to price reduce. As they chase the market down to where the true market value of the house is, they must compensate for the lost buzz on the house when they overpriced, and they begin to become a little desperate. This can result in them accepting an offer below the market value of the house, just to get it sold.

Fewer buyers are competing

Families who needed to be in a new home for the start of the school year are no longer shopping in the Fall. Since they have exited the market, it means less competition overall among buyers, which means more opportunities.

Motivated sellers want to close by the end of the year

In the end, a home is an investment — and one with tax consequences. A home seller may want to take advantage of a gain or loss during this tax year. Those sellers could be looking to close before December 31st so they can get their tax benefit.

Homes for sale near the holidays signal a motivated seller

As the holidays get closer, most homeowners would prefer not to have people coming through the house to tour while they are wrapping presents and decorating for the holidays. If a house hasn’t sold by Thanksgiving and is still sitting on the market in December, it’s likely that the homeowner is feeling extremely motivated and eager to be done with the inconveniences caused by having their house on the market.

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