Chandelle Boulet

If I could, I would shout it from every rooftop WORK WITH CHRIS! I cannot compliment his work enough! He is so professional and his customer service is truly legendary. My husband and I recently decided to sell a condo that he had inherited when his Mom passed. We were very nervous about finding the right person who would communicate with us and support us through the process, especially as we live out of state and also because the condo was still going through the FL Probate court. I am so grateful that we found Chris! Believe these reviews – that’s how I found him! Chris clearly communicated the process (we are first time sellers) and worked hard to show the unit, but even before we listed he went above and beyond to help us find a handyman to do some minor face-lifting and electric work. Chris is very honest – there were a few renovations I was prepared to make that he told us were really not worth it. He saved us a ton of money on unnecessary changes, and then made us our money on the sale. And when we needed to give the attorney handling Probate an extra “nudge” to speed it up, Chris and the title company he works with were 100% there to support us in every way. Chris exceeded every one of my expectations, and I am not so easy to please when it comes to business. He and his team are absolutely fantastic – do yourself a favor and work with them!

— Chandelle Boulet