Matt & Ashley Roth

We used Chris Winn as our Realtor, he was extremely helpful. I will break it down into a couple of areas of knowledge that made him an excellent asset in the home search. 1. He was patient with us. We moved to Central Florida in 2014 and didn’t purchase a home unitl July 2018. He kept us posted, kept us updated and helped us with where we wanted to live. From neighborhoods he would have us go look at to the final process his patience was key. 2.Knowledge. Chris is not limited to one neighborhood he spans the entire Orlando area. He had the amazingly deep knowledge about each and every individual neighborhood. It was reassuring in that we were new to the area. 3. He worked with is to help us pinpoint a neighborhood and then homes. In total I think we visited 8-10 homes and it was NEVER on his schedule he made sure to fit in our hectic schedule. 4. Chris sells a LOT of homes but I always felt like I was number 1 on his priorities list. No matter if we were looking at a 100k home or a 1m home…it felt like we were his only client but I know he has many. You get the benefits of a very successful Realtor and also personal and exact service. Best of both worlds in my opinion. 5. His attention to detail is unmatched. We fell in love with a home, got out bid, and ended up getting the home as the other offer fell through. He kept us posted in a fast moving market and got us the house. 6. He is very professional and also personal. I’ve worked with other Realtors and you always get a used car salesman vibe. With Chris it’s always the opposite. He cares about all the things you say and helped us find the PERFECT home. 7. Help through the whole process. He didn’t get the offer accepted and then check out. He helped us through the ENTIRE process which was awesome. I asked many many many stupid questions and he always took the time to answer in detail. 8. Honesty. His honesty was unmatched and an absolute asset in the search. 9. Bottom line…if you go with any other Realtor in Central Florida you are making a mistake. He is the best…and not like any others you will work with. 

— Matt & Ashley Roth