Sydney Rusak

Love, Love, Love! I’m a first time home buyer, and a total novice. Chris is a wizard! He wasn’t pushy at all (which I loved) and I never felt like he was trying to push me in any direction or in higher or lower budgets; he only guided. Super kind and will tell you straight forward what the facts of the matter are; but he’s able to make it so clear and pleasant. He always has a smile on his face and is just incredibly friendly. He’s absolutely great at checking in, and responding to any questions or concerns I had pretty quickly. I have an absolutely crazy and always changing work schedule, and Chris was SUPER at understanding that I can’t always get back to him between 9-5, but he always got back to me within like 12 hours. Whether it was texting, email, or just leaving me a voicemail, I always felt informed and up to date. He’s great at following up and checking in during the process without spamming my inbox. The perfect balance!! And he never made me feel dumb for asking rookie questions, cause again, I had no idea what I was doing. But I trusted Chris, and am SO HAPPY with the entire process. When I was finally ready to make an offer, Chris walked me through the entire thing, sent me the documents electronically (so I could sign in between breaks at work), and helped to suggest and negotiate an offer price that totally seemed reasonable to me and the sellers. He even suggested little fixes the seller could do, which I wouldn’t of thought of. I always felt like I was important and a priority with Chris, he really was incredible! 

— Sydney